After you have logged into JMeeting, you will see the JMeeting applet on the left side of your screen. (If you don’t see the applet on the left side of your screen, click HERE for help)
The applet is divided in 3 sections or tabs, each of which will be explained in this tutorial.


My Jmeeting Tab (House icon)


In this first section, you will find the people, cams and rooms that you have bookmarked as a favorite. These favorites lists will be stored on our servers, to make sure you are able to access them from any computer you use to log in.

This is an easy place to find the people, cams or rooms that you visit most often. If you have favorites in any of these lists, you can click on the list category to view the items in that list.

The Favorites feature is only available with a JMeeting subscription.

Starting Your Webcam

If you want to start your webcam, just doubleclick on “Broadcaster”, then doubleclick again on “Start broadcaster”. Your cam will appear in a separate window and a flashing red dot in the lower left corner. This means, your cam is sending data. If your cam does not work for any reason, please read the instructions here or visit us in #Techsupport, listed under “JMeeting rooms”.

Once you start broadcasting, a window will open that shows what your camera is sending. Right-clicking (On Mac, Control-Click) on this window will present you with a menu.

Broadcaster Menu


  • Pause Temporarily stop broadcasting
  • Public To Switch to Private broadcast, enter a password (Requires Subscription)
  • Gender Select Male/Female/Couple/Other. Determines which cam list you appear in. You may be asked to correct this if set wrong.
  • Rating Select General or Adult. Do not broadcast Adult content when set to General!
  • Size Select a preset cam window size. Large, Medium, or Small. This only affects YOUR display, it has nothing to do with what other people see when they open your cam.
  • Description This is where you can enter a description for your broadcast. It will show as a tooltip when a viewer puts the mouse cursor over the window showing your cam.
  • Select Capture Device This menu allows you to select which video/cam source will be broadcasted.
  • Detect Capture Devices This selection starts a process which searches for available video/cam devices. Any detected devices will show up in the “Select Capture Devices” menu
  • Configure If your selected cam is a “vfw” (Video For Windows) device, this will open a menu that lets you set various properties, such as brightness, color, etc. Many modern webcams have their own controls, and set this automatically or through their own software. In the latter case, the message “Only vfw devices can be configured” will be displayed.

WebCam Tab (Movie/Video icon)


The second section is all about the webcams. Here you can find all webcams that are online, divided in “Male”, “Female”, “Couple” and “Others”. To open a webcam, simply doubleclick on it. If you see a Webcam and you would like to talk to the user, right click (On Mac, Control-Click)their cam picture, and select “Find user”. It will give you a list of the rooms the person is chatting in.

To add someone’s cam to your favorites, open their cam, right click and select “Bookmark”. The Cam will appear under the “Web Cams” list and you’ll be able to see when they are online. (Requires Subscription)

Chat Tab (Chat bubbles icon)


Last, but not least, the third section is about the available chat rooms.
The list is separated into five different types of rooms.

  • JMeeting Rooms: All rooms in that section are monitored and run by JMeeting Staff. If you need any help or just want to chat with some of us, this is the place to be.
  • Radio Stations As mentioned in the Features section, you can listen to various radio stations while you’re on JMeeting and most of the radio stations have a room where you can talk to the DJs, make requests, etc. So if you’re looking for a good time with some radio folks, try the radio rooms.
  • Game Rooms If you’re up for a trivia game, have a look at the Game rooms. There are several places where you can spend some time with showing off your skills in our trivia games.
  • Popular Rooms The list of popular rooms is constantly changing. Whenever a room has more than 20 users, it will be listed on this list of popular rooms.
  • User rooms Every member, subscribed or not, can open up his or her very own room on JMeeting. The last item in our room list section shows a list of current rooms that are created and run by members. As soon as a user room is empty, it disappears from the list.

To add someone as a contact, just right click the username in the chatroom and click on “Bookmark”. The Contact will appear under the “Contact” list and you’ll be able to see when they are online. (Requires Subscription)

To add a room to your favorites, right click (On Mac, Control-Click) the room in the room list and, again, select “Bookmark”. The Chatroom will appear under the “Chat Rooms” list. (Requires Subscription)